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Parents VS Kids

Our Second Annual Player versus Parents was an absolute success!

There was sweat and tears from both parents and children, but mostly parents…not sure if it was the soreness for all the work they were putting in or because their kids were dicing them up. Some parents were able to show off and remind their kids who they really get their speed from when it came to the relay races. Even though some of our players didn’t know the relay races worked, they adapted quickly to the environment when they found out they were competing against their parents. What we saw yesterday was determination, competitiveness but most important unity. Houston Futsal Association aims to create an atmosphere where our club can come together and feel like we are one big family. As passionate coaches and parents, we tend to forget that youth soccer should always be a fun and memorable moment in a kid’s life. Sometimes, competing too much too soon can have a negative effect. We hope that Parent versus Player’s field day was a reminder of that philosophy.

Houston Futsal also wants to thank each and every single parent that attended and continues to be a part of our program. We appreciate you guys and love every single one of you! 

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