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Age Reach

Houston Futsal Club is a proud member of the US Club Soccer Association which reaches local kids as early as U5 through U18. HFA provides a comprehensive and competitive soccer club experience, plus training services, to hundreds of kids mostly based in southeast Houston.

Competitive Program

-Fall Season (Soccer & Futsal League): August-November

-Winter Futsal and 3v3 Funiño League: November-Janurary

-Spring Season (Soccer & Futsal League): February-May

-Summer Futsal and 3v3 Funiño League: June-July
  • 2009 Competitive Boys & Girls
  • 2010 Competitive Boys & Girls
  • 2011 Competitive Boys & Girls
  • 2012 Competitive Boys & Girls
As we grow, HFA hopes to find a place for every local child who is interested in soccer. We are a community-based organization at our heart.
Can't commit to a full season? Grab some friends and form a 3v3 team for our summer and winter FUNiño League. Have a few more than 3 kids? You can also join our fastest-growing Houston Futsal League.
HFA has outreach for all levels of play. For young players new to the sport, our Grassroots Development program offers an introduction to soccer while prioritizing fun and the development of early coordination. 
  • 2013 Competitive Boys & Girls
  • 2014 Competitive Boys & Girls
  • 2015 Competitive Boys & Girls
  • 2016 Competitive Boys & Girls

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